Avoiding the Emergency Room | Spring Break Tips

Mar 13, 2017
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Avoiding the Emergency Room | Spring Break Tips

On spring break? If so, that means most Fort Bend County and the Greater Houston area high school and college students are getting a much-needed break. While Spring Break is the perfect time to relax and “blow off steam”, it’s very important to make good decisions so we don’t see you this week. As much as we like to see our friends, we’d rather not see you during Spring Break. Read a bit more about some spring break tips we have to share!

Going to the lake or beach? WEAR SUNSCREEN.

Did you know that sunburn is one of the common causes of dehydration and severe discomfort for sun-goers? Believe it or not, skin and sun burns are responsible for too many Emergency Room visits each year. Many sun-goers forget to reapply or forget the sunscreen altogether. While we agree that a healthy glow looks good on most, at the very least, use a sunscreen with low SPF and protect your skin while getting a bit of color.

Visiting somewhere cool with water, like a lake or beach or pool? PLAN WITH A BUDDY!

Whether you are staying in Houston, visiting the beach or a resort with a pool, you’ll probably end up enjoying some type of water at some point. Water is powerful and deserves respect. Crowded bodies of water or those with a current can be the worst. Many spring breakers visit New Braunfels and the Concan area of Texas. Always know your limits and enjoy your trip with buddies. Take head counts every now and then. Be aware of your surroundings. Near drowning is too-common of a sign for visits to a 24 hour ER during spring break, mostly alcohol-related, and they can always be avoided. Know the signs…..

Leaving the house for spring break? BUY ONE OF THE AMAZING NEW WATER BOTTLES!

Your body can become dehydrated before you know it especially if you are in the sun or out exercising. If you allow your body to get thirsty, it could be too late. Dehydration is a common reason for Emergency Room visits during spring break. There are so many amazing PBA friendly water bottles, like Corkcicle thermal water bottles, on the market these days, grab an interesting one and clip it to your bag. Make a water bottle part of the plan and sip accordingly.

Planning on enjoying a few adult beverages? HELP YOUR BODY GET READY!

If you have plans to drink during spring break, did you know you can “prep” your body prior? Make sure to eat a full meal with adequate and healthy carbs along with plenty of water (from your cool, new water bottle. Make a pact with a spring break pal, and help each other monitor alcohol consumption. Preferably someone that is around normally that “knows the over-indulgence signs.” Many of these carpool or car services like Uber have apps for your phone. Get one installed and always have an “escape plan.” Unfortunately, alcohol poisoning is a leading reason people visit 24 hour ER’s during spring break and can be avoided by responsible drinking and a little work up front.

Drink too much? Taking Care of Your Body After Over Indulging!

Feeling a little “under the weather” after a night out on the town or a day at the beach? Make sure to tend to your body’s needs after over-indulging. Let your body rest and force yourself to hydrate water and replace the electrolytes lost. And last but not least, EAT. A body needs to refuel with nutrients and energy to recover from a long night out on the town.


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