How Blood Tests and Urine Tests for Pregnancy Work

Sep 07, 2018
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How Blood Tests and Urine Tests for Pregnancy Work

If you are currently wondering if you might be pregnant, a quick visit to your Sugar Land emergency clinic can often provide you with the most accurate and prompt results for your concerns. Understanding how pregnancy tests work can give you greater insight into the accuracy of these medical testing options. Here are some facts you should know about modern pregnancy tests.

Two Types of Tests

Pregnancy tests generally fall into two categories based on the way in which the reading is taken:

  • Urine tests are designed to detect the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a hormone that is released by the placenta after implantation occurs. The presence of hCG is generally a good indicator that pregnancy has occurred. When used properly, urine pregnancy tests are about 97 percent accurate. They are usually designed to be used on or after the first day of a missed menstrual period and may not be as accurate earlier than that time. Urine tests for pregnancy are available both over-the-counter and through a licensed medical provider.
  • Blood tests for pregnancy are only available from licensed physicians and other health care providers. These tests are categorized as quantitative or qualitative measures of the amount of hCG in the bloodstream. Quantitative tests provide a specific measurement of hCG, while qualitative blood tests offer a yes or no answer to the pregnancy question. Blood tests can provide results for patients just seven to 12 days after conception may have occurred, making them a faster way to determine if pregnancy has occurred. Because blood tests are administered by qualified medical professionals, they are typically more accurate and reliable.

Your Sugar Land emergency care clinic can often schedule a blood test to determine whether or not you are pregnant. This can provide you with faster results and improved accuracy for your pregnancy test.

Drawbacks of Over-the-Counter Testing

One of the major disadvantages of over-the-counter tests for pregnancy is the potential for mistakes during the testing procedure. Another risk of these tests is that they can sometimes provide a false negative result, which can sometimes result in a failure to seek out proper Sugar Land emergency clinic medical attention during the early stages of pregnancy.

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