Noah’s Ark Room – Pediatric Emergenices

Jan 04, 2018
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Noah’s Ark Room – Pediatric Emergenices

When pediatric emergencies occur, it can be so scary for the parents as well as young patients. At St. Michael’s Emergency Room in Sugar Land, Texas, we are well aware of this fact and try out hardest to take care of our little people the same way their parents would.

We have private rooms for all of our patients that visit our Sugar Land emergency room, but our pediatric room is really special. Brightly painted with animals, a child-sized exam table, coloring books, a flat-screen television, and colorful furniture decorate the room and is always ready and waiting for our “little friends”. Our emergency room staff understands how scary it is for parents and patients when children have to be admitted and are well versed in the power of distraction of little people. Sometimes tests can be scary and uncomfortable, but relating to pediatric patients on their level is something we are proud to say we are good at! For a virtual tour: Visit St. Michael’s Emergency Room

From broken bones to respiratory distress to ear infections, even on weekends and holidays, our staff is geared up and ready for whatever goes wrong medically for your family. Always have a plan. Know where the nearest emergency room is to your home. Know where the nearest fire station is. Just have an emergency plan for those “unpredictable” times.

Here’s an example of another happy family. Facebook Review: Jan & Michael Jenkins on New Year’s Day, 2018:

We want to give a big thank you to the staff at St. Michael’s ER!! They have given us wonderful attention and worked with our little guy so well. They put us in the “Noah’s Ark” room and after running a couple of tests (ends up just being an ear infection) they hooked our little man up with a popsicle and some Paw Patrol on tv. Thanks, guys!