Sugar Land Emergency: Ambulance, Drive, or Rideshare?

Oct 08, 2020
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Sugar Land Emergency: Ambulance, Drive, or Rideshare?

During a Sugar Land emergency, an ambulance ride can get you the care you need as quickly as possible.

In the middle of a Sugar Land emergency, it can be difficult to decide whether it’s best to call an ambulance or drive to the hospital. Planning ahead of time can help you act quickly when a Sugar Land emergency occurs. There are many reasons you may want to call an ambulance. Other times, you may be able to drive yourself or have someone else drive you to the hospital.

When to Call an Ambulance for a Sugar Land Emergency

Many people worry about calling an ambulance, whether due to cost or because they don’t want to take away resources from others. However, if you have a Sugar Land emergency that needs immediate care, you should always call 911. Any time a medical issue is life or limb threatening, an ambulance is the better choice for getting to your Sugar Land emergency clinic. Call for an ambulance when:

  • A condition seems life-threatening
  • It could get worse on the way to the hospital
  • It will take a long time to arrive to the emergency room
  • Moving the person could cause more harm, such as with back or neck injuries
  • Time will make a difference in the condition

Take, for example, a stroke. Strokes can be life-threatening and someone having a stroke could get worse on the way to your Sugar Land emergency room. How quickly a stroke patient receives care can also make a big difference in their condition. Also, while cutting off a finger may not be life-threatening, the faster you receive care, the more likely your Sugar Land emergency doctor can reattach it.

During a medical emergency, the EMTs inside the ambulance can provide medical care during transport to the hospital. Any time you’re unsure if you need an ambulance, it’s best to call 911 or even reach out to your primary care physician to determine if you need an ambulance.

When Can You Drive Yourself?

However, for medical issues where time isn’t necessarily as big of a factor, you may be able to drive yourself or have a friend drive you to the Sugar Land emergency department. However, ensure that you can safely drive with your condition. For example, if you have an eye injury, it could impair your vision and make it difficult to drive safely. Also, if you’ll be stuck in an hour of traffic on the way to the hospital, it’s likely best to call an ambulance rather than drive yourself.

What About Ridesharing to the Sugar Land Emergency Clinic?

Many people also use ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft to get to the hospital. However, just like driving yourself, make sure it isn’t an emergency. Also, remember to be considerate of your driver. If you think you have a contagious illness, you could infect your driver and spread germs all over their vehicle. Also, if you could potentially damage their car, such as with blood or vomit, it’s best to find alternative transportation to the hospital.

At St. Michael’s Elite Hospital, we provide quality care during your medical emergencies. We offer the same state-of-the-art equipment and care with shorter wait times, typically less than 5 minutes. Therefore, when you need a doctor fast, come see our team. Call us at (281) 980-4357 to let us know you’re on your way! We are here to help you feel better.