Summer Vacation Tips To Help Your Family Avoid a Trip to the Emergency Room

Jun 08, 2018
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Summer Vacation Tips To Help Your Family Avoid a Trip to the Emergency Room

A trip to a Sugar Land emergency clinic is probably not what you and your family have in mind for your summer vacation. A recent survey, however, indicates that roughly 25 percent of people on vacation will end up at the emergency room at some point during their travels. Here are some helpful vacation hints that could help you avoid these unpleasant visits during your summer vacation this year.

Stock Up on Sunscreen

Sunburns can be more than just a minor annoyance. Severe sunburn cases may require treatment at a Sugar Land emergency care facility. By applying sunscreen generously before spending any time in the sun, you can ensure that you and your family members are protected against the effects of extended exposure to UV rays and the painful sunburns that they can cause.

Pack the Protective Gear

If biking is on the agenda for your summer vacation, be sure to take along the helmets and the elbow and knee pads to reduce the risk of serious injuries on the road. Check out your planned routes carefully to ensure that they are not heavily traveled and that they do not pose any special risks to you or your family.

Avoid Lyme Disease

A trip to the woods can be a great chance to commune with nature and explore the great outdoors. Making sure all members of the family are well protected against tick bites can reduce the risk of illness. Wearing boots, long pants and shirts with long sleeves is essential to prevent these insects from passing along diseases that could prove dangerous or debilitating to your family.

Practice Water Safety

Most experts recommend swimming only where qualified lifeguards are present. For water safety, you should provide life preservers for children and adults who have not yet learned how to swim competently. A strong swimmer should always be present to watch over the less experienced members of your vacation party. This can help prevent drowning and near-drowning events and the inevitable trip to a Sugar Land emergency room.

Prevent Heat Stroke

Scheduling frequent breaks in the shade and drinking plenty of water can help to protect you and your family from heat exhaustion and heat stroke. If you or someone in your group is showing signs of extreme fatigue, flushed skin or severe sweating, call a time out to prevent overheating from progressing to a more dangerous condition.

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